Saturday, March 24, 2007

Zombie Astronaut’s Frequency of Fear

The third podcast by the Zombie Astronaut is now online and it is a vampire special. During you will hear ZA himself emulate rising as a vampire, there are also the otr plays "Two Little Punctures" and "The Vampire's Desire", Dynamite! Magazine's Count Morbida's Chamber Of Horrors, plus music in the form of Sheldon Allman's "This Can't Be Blood" and Creepy Clyde’s “I’m a vampire”.

There is also some bloke called Taliesin_ttlg giving a rundown of his top 3 vampire movies.

Thanks to the Zombie Astronaut for the opportunity and the good (or bad!) news is that we are looking at making a top 3 by myself a regular feature on the podcast.

What are you waiting for, get over there and give it a listen.

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