Friday, February 02, 2007

TV Show: The Dresden Files

Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden

Based on Jim Butcher's books, The Dresden Files comes to UK TV, Sky 1, on 14th February 2007.

I've read the first three books and the last three are in my "to read" pile and whilst the books are centered on Harry Dresden, a private eye and wizard, vampires do make an appearance - indeed the book series was going to get an honourable mention once I'd finished reading the series.

If the TV show will be any good, and indeed whether vampires will make an appearance, we'll have to wait and see...


Casey C said...

Chiming in from the states, no 'classic' vamps in the first two eps!

That said, the show's officialy 'not bad'. Has not reached excitment level as of yet.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Casey, in the books vampires play, often, a secondary role (as in minor characters though 1 of the third is very vampire orientated and the fifth - unread as of yet, so via the burb - sees Harry in a duel against the Red Court of Vampire's champion!

They are also different to the classic vamp.

I suspect - though I have no evidence - that in the series they might just go for a vamp episode at some point - we'll see.

That said my other half isn't happy as I am in full "couch commando" mode at the moment, as we now have Blade the Series (finally), Masters of Horror 2, season 3 of Battlestar Gallactica and the Dresden Files! Suddenly I'm taking back the TV lol

Mateo said...

I'm embarrassed for not knowing about the books. But now I want to read them. The show seems fairly good so far. It has somewhat of an Angel vibe. We haven't gotten into the mythos very much yet, and the first two episodes were about ghosts. Glad to see other creatures (vampires!) will make an appearance.

Taliesin_ttlg said...


I enjoyed rthe first three enough to buy the last three books, so I'd say give them a go, in order they are:

Storm Front
Fool Moon
Grave Peril
Sommer Knight
Death Mask
Blood Rites