Sunday, February 04, 2007

Honourable Mentions: Spider-Man

Season 2 of the Spider-Man cartoon, first aired in 1995 and entitled Neogenic Nightmare, featured both a vampire and a cross-over with Marvel’s vampire hunter Blade spread over four of the episodes (6,7,9 & 10).

mobiusThe vampire is a character called Morbius, a science student who, accidentally, has his genes spliced with those of a bat and becomes a mutant form of vampire. He thirsts for plasma but, rather than use his fangs he has suction holes in his palms that drain the plasma through the skin – and makes for a none-gory method of feeding. There is an introduction of sunlight effects, increased strength and flight.

BladeBlade is hunting Morbius and, eventually teams up with Spiderman, but as Spider-Man wants to capture Morbius and heal him and Blade wants to destroy the vampire there is, of course, a clash between them. As well as crossing over with the Blade character, this story line also included the Punisher who, before Blade was on the scene, wrongly assumed that Spider-Man was the vampire.

Mobius in bat formEventually Morbius steals the Neogenic Recombinator, the piece of equipment that turned him, as he seeks to make Felicia Hardy, his erstwhile girlfriend, a vampire like he. She convinces him not to but the Recombinator is triggered. Throwing himself into the beam, to protect Felicia, further changes Morbius’ DNA, changing him into a bat creature that manages to fly off into the night.

Interesting use of cross-over in a series that proved quite adult in its complexities, here’s to Spider-Man, and a honourable mention to the costumed super-hero's show.

The imdb page is here.

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