Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Too good to be true…

Regular readers may recall that I rather like the movie The Lost Boys. Now it was always planned that there would be a sequel and, originally, it was planned that David (Keifer Sutherland) was not dead and the sequel would be based around that character. Later, once the idea was destroyed by the inconvenient aging of the actor, rumours abounded about the sequel being a Lost Girls movie.

/film have reported that production of Lost Boys 2 is to begin in 2007, too good to be true? Unfortunately, if they are right, then yes. The problems as I see them so far are:

1. it is straight to DVD – so the budget will be slashed
2. there is no script
3. there is no director (a little difficult to generate interest without a script, I guess)
4. it is about surfer vampires

Now I know the original centred on a bike gang of vampires, but the film was more than that, much more. This feels (if it should come to pass) like cashing in on the name and little more.

More news as I get it.

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