Saturday, November 25, 2006

Concilium Sanguinarius - novel has been reviewed

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Forgive me my ego, but I have just read the first customer review of my novel on lulu and wanted to share.

"Not just another Vampire book.

"Forget the tortured lo
ne vampire living in the dark and enter the world of the Concilium. The author has created an entirley fresh look at the world of the vampire where, instead of being the lone, tortured soul hiding in the dark, they are the pre-eminent force on this planet capable of destroying mankind at their whim.

"Being shrewd they choose not to but, instead, through their Concilium, they guide and shape the day to day lives of their "cattle".

"There is no doubt that this is an adult novel. Sexuality drips off the pages and violence is usually only a paragraph away but the work does not suffer for this. These potent forces are skilfully blended by the author to give disturbing but accurate portrayals of the two, deeply flawed, main characters.

"This is a waltz through time as well as emotion. The plot leaps back and forward from the modern day to ancient Rome, Sherwood Forest and the Carpathian mountains (to name but a few). Whilst the main plot in the present day tears on at furious pace, the characters' back stories are filled in as a clever counterpoint.

"I don't often say "I couldn't put this down" but, I couldn't put this down. It is a real page turner as you try to see where the characters came from and where they are going to.

"Despite wanting to side with the heroine, Danaan, one cannot help but be seduced by the pathos of the anti-hero, Ymochel.

"If you like your horror dark, violent and erotic this is for you. If you just want a damn good read, this is for you too. Best of all it has a barnstorming ending which leaves the door open for further books.



Nitallica said...

Great review! I can't wait to get my own copy. :)

Mateo said...

Yes, I read that over the weekend and was quite happy for you, though not at all surprised. I look forward to getting my copy as well.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Thanks to you both.