Saturday, November 18, 2006

Another Dark Night In Blackpool

Voices of Masada

Very nearly not a vampire post (and wait for the gasps), but last night saw another Misery of Sound in Blackpool. The shame being that it was not as well attended as perhaps it might have been due, we think, to it also being the first night of the local Battle of the Bands.

Miss 616 was the support and was excellent, but I felt I had to post about this night because of the headlining band Voices of Masada.

The band were fantastic, quite easily one of the best bands I’ve seen this year, playing material from their two albums – pure old school gothic rock. I’d urge anyone into gothic rock to give these guys a listen – absolutely fantastic. Mick Mercer has just reviewed their second album, Another Day, if you want to know a little more.

Now for the vampire connection… In attendance was a member of classic goth band Nosferatu. I hope to do a feature on the band here soon.

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zombiepunk said...

total agreement with you. the band were absolutely superb and any who missed the gig should be forced to kick themselves until very sore!!