Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Film: Vampire Biker Babes

A new low budget flick has been shooting in Florida, according to The HeraldTribune.

The article offers the following précis of the plot:

A photographer on her way to Bike Week in Daytona gets attacked in a small town by five bikers. The photographer is the daughter of a 400-year-old vampire, who runs blood banks.So hundreds of thousands of vampire bikers come to town to battle the five bikers to seek justice.

Sounds silly but it might be a good fun movie, we'll have to wait and see. The homepage for the film is here.


cyberstreme said...

The film plot is far from that simple. It was reduced to a few lines for the press piece. I am the Writer Director and if you are interested, the plot is more involved, Vlad Drakull, a 400 year old vampire has two daughters One is a vampire and the leader of an all female vampire biker gang. The other daughter was born free of the curse but still has vampire blood in her veins. She leads a normal, mortal life as a photographer. She is assigned to cover bike week in Daytona Fl. for “Born To Ride” magazine, Florida's #1 biker mag. On her way she is raped and beaten into a coma by a local gang of bikers in a small country town called Willow. One of the local bikers is the son of the town Sheriff and the other is the son of the Sheriffs brother, the richest man in town. This is a small southern town, owned by this family

Vlad lives in a castle, deep in the swamps of Florida, a reclusive millionaire whose 400 hundred years on this planet have given him immense wealth and power. He was around when the Hellfire CLubs were flourishing and knew Benjamin Franklin and Brahm Stoker. Who were members. In fact, Vlad sarted the Hellfire Clubs to control the powerful and elite of history in return for power and wealth. All they had to do was pledge their souls. In fact, Braham Stoker's original “Dracula” novel was based on Vlad Tepe who belonged to the Order of the Dragon, hence the name Drakull. Vlad Drakull is the surviving descendant of Vlad Tepe. He controls a vast empire of vampires who feed on his blood, through his ownership of a global chain of bloodbanks. His army of vampires is vowed to silence and the acquisition of quiet power behind the scenes. They are not rampant killers, unless provoked.

The rape of Vlad's daughter stirs up this dark power and it converges on this small town The locals band together to protect their own, no matter what their crime. The film’s undertone is about vigilante justice when government power is corrupt and no other avenue is open for those who have been wronged to set things right. The Vampire Biker Babes are all women, seeking revenge for a rape of one of their own. The film is ultimately an empowering story that shows women taking the ultimate revenge for the ultimate offense. These women don’t just lie down and take it. They get up and kick ass.

At one point when the locals gain the upper hand against the intruding Vampire Biker Babes, Vlad calls a gathering to save his daughter and her vampire sister from the evil locals and the town is invaded by thousands of Vampire Bikers. The news article misquoted when it pitted five local bikers against hundreds of thousands of Vampire Bikers. That would be even more overkill, pardon the pun. The film keeps upping the ante, Five Vampire Biker Babes come to seek revenge against five local bikers who have the hometown advantage with the Sheriff and the locals to back them up. What they don't see coming is an army of Vampire Bikers

I think you might enjoy this movie. There is a lot of secret society history and well researched Vampire lore woven into the story. It has a flavor of cult societies and Davinci Code type secrets revealed behind the various characters back stories. The characters are multi dimensional. You can hate what they do or cheer and you can sympathize with them even while you watch them get shredded.

The film is sexy without being pornographic and it is a story that moves incredibly fast. There are 110 pages and 113 scenes. That averages out to less than one page per scene. You won't be bored. It should be out in October. Hope you like it. We are working very hard to make a film that is fun and exciting.
Enjoy, Walt Jenkins,
Producer/Writer /Director

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Many thanks for that, very detailed, description and for taking the time to post it – it truly is appreciated. There is certainly much more detail there than I could find online when I came across the film and, all things being fair, I shall certainly be trying to get hold of the film and will give it every chance.

I sincerely hope the film matches the obvious passion you have for it, for it does it will be every bit as good as you make it sound.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Oh, I forgot to mention in the lead piece that cyberstream are donating a percentage of profits from the film towards a fund for area head injuries. Kudos for that.