Friday, July 21, 2006

Missed Opportunity

As well as being asked to post something about The Damned, I had a request for a little something about Kate Bush, specifically around her song Hammer Horror. Unfortunately, as closely tied to the genre as Hammer were, the song does not mention vampires.

But, on a search around the net, I came across a transcript of an interview. It seems that the delectable Ms Bush was offered a film role, as a vampire. The interview, from 1979, says:

“I have had film offers--like, there's been a couple of vampire films, and a rock musical. That's an obvious one because I'm a singer. But I wouldn't have thought I was a vampire!”

Now, to me, that has to rate as one of the great missed opportunities of the vampire movie genre. Still, it gave me an excuse to post a picture of Kate.


Mark said...

That's interesting about Kate. I never thought of her as a vampire, but I bet she would make a good one.

On another topic completely: I just reviewed It! The Terror from Beyond Space on my page, and it struck me that the monster is a "vampire-like" creature (he drains the blood/water from his victims through osmosis).

When I looked the film up at IMDB I found that it is also known as It! The Vampire from Beyond Space! I was wondering if you've ever seen it. And if you have, is it a vampire film or not?

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hi Mark.

I haven't seen It! But your description reminded me vaguely of an early Star Trek episode where the alien (who can shape-shift) sucks salt from the victims through suckers in it's hand. That is often deemed a vampire story (on the edge of the genre). I'll have to keep an eye out for It! and, if I get to see it, especially given it's alternate title, I'll certainly do a "Vamp or Not?" blog entry