Saturday, June 24, 2006

New film: Abbattoir

Fangoria have just reported that principle photography has just been completed on a new vampire movie, Abbattoir by Happy Cloud Pictures.

Tentatively described by the production company as "vampire hookers vs the IRA", I was quite fascinated by what they had to say about the actual vampires:

“We tried to play around with the mythology a little bit. We didn’t diverge too much. We kept the teeth, of course, and the blood-drinking. Our vampires are pretty cannibalistic—they gnaw down to the bone. And they play with their food! But they also cast shadows and reflections—this is more for practical filmic reasons than anything else. And we got rid of the whole crucifix dilemma. We live in a global society. Christianity isn’t the prevailing religion any more, so we had to figure out other things that connect humans and vampires, and what we can use to ward the creatures off. We had some fun with that concept.”

Well that has me intrigued.

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