Friday, June 16, 2006

Coming Soon: Immortally Yours

This is a new vampire movie with an estimated release, on the home page of spring/summer 2006. No trailers as of yet, but a rather detailed synopsis:

Vampires, century old bloodsuckers of the under-world, have plagued the earth for hundreds of years. Their lust and need for blood, in order to survive and live immortally, has terrorized humans both in fact and folklore.

A covenant of young, sophisticated Vampires, led by Alex, a handsome, debonair man, who has a taste not only for blood, but also the finer things in life, attends an Opera, where he encounters Estelle, a beautiful upper-world woman. Her father is the top scientist and works for the O’Neil Longevity Foundation, which is currently researching an approach to immortality
for their sponsor, the head of the upper-world Illuminati organization – Victor Price.

The upper-world’s Illuminati are keen competitors to the under-world’s vampires, as they not only exploit humans through war, politics, poverty, disease, drugs, and finally their very flesh in the attempt to gain the access to immortality by taking body-parts. In addition, they have attempted, cloning, cryogenics and memory transformation – but, NOTHING IS WORKING.

The Illuminati finally arrive at a solution, through the relationship that their young researcher has with the handsome Vampire.

Alex has become desperately in love with Estelle, but does not want her to be part of the covenant. He would rather have mortality, exist as a man, produce a family and live out his years with them in a normal manner, than be condemned to the immortality of a “savage beast”.

Through negotiations, the Illuminati promises they will find a cure for his vampirism in-exchange for a bite of “Immortality”.

Unfortunately, the conclusion is to neither sides liking, and an unholy war takes place between the Illuminati and the Vampires.

So we have a vamp genre with something for the conspiracy fans, though it isn’t the first vampire film to include the illuminate, “Razor Blade Smile” (1988) springs immediately to mind and I feel sure there will have been others.

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Why did we not get paid as promise as a extra.

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