Saturday, September 12, 2009

Honourable Mentions: 30 Days of Night – Dust to Dust


You’ll recall that there was a web mini series prequeling the 30 Days of Night movie called Blood Trails. I ended up reviewing Blood Trails as it was released on DVD and, whilst it was fine as a free mini series, it perhaps left something to be desired if you had to fork out hard earned cash to buy it.

There has been a second mini series, directly following on from the first, produced by and directed by Ben Ketai. I hadn’t covered it before as they do not allow you to stream their videos out of the US but as it is now on YouTube I felt it warranted a mention.

Christopher Stapleton as Detective Nick MaguireGeorge (Andrew Laurich) is in prison for murdering his girlfriend (he beheaded her as she had been turned). He is informed by a guard (Ted Raimi) that he is to be transferred. Something he is not happy about as he feels that the vampires will come to get him between jails. Meanwhile Detective Nick Maguire (Christopher Stapleton) has given in his badge but his sister Sara (Mimi Michaels) works at the jail and has to sedate George for his transfer.

vampiresOf course he is attacked and escapes in the confusion. Sara has her throat cut by the vampire (Christopher Allen Nelson) during the attack and she starts to turn – remember in 30 Days of Night even a scratch will turn a victim. Nick hunts down George, believing him to be simply an escaped murderer who may know where his missing sister is. However the vampires are after George still and so the truth comes crashing down on the former detective with deadly finality.

nothing lives without a headThis is good fun for a freebee, and the 30 Days vampires are wonderfully brutal. We get a head shot (nothing lives without a head) and some vampiric frying in the sun. As well as the special guest appearance by Ted Raimi (Xena: Warrior Princess) there is also a cameo by Ken Foree (Brotherhood of Blood and Live Evil). Of course a question mark would be raised if this was sold as a stand alone DVD, like the first mini series it is too small to warrant such a release – though to date there is no indication that such a release is intended.

The imdb page is here.

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